Core principles

Core principles

Core principles

§1 Peoples voice

All our ideas and actions are based on the voice of the people. The people are
represented explicitly by a set expert panel consisting of people like you and
me with the desire for freedom to choose. Continuous cooperation between us
as a ministry and the people is a prerequisite for all our product development in
our lifestyle products.

§2 One ministry for all

All ministers, officials, and employees of the ministry contribute positively to the community and the team with the ’will to will’ and an effort to the best of their ability. We are driven by our cultural heritage and a desire to do things in a new way – to solve traditional tasks differently. A position in our ministry is a lifestyle and have to be a benefit for both the individual and the whole team.

§3 Quality

We are passionate about what we are best at, and our passion and abilities
must always reflect in an indecent attitude towards high quality. Our experience
heritage combined with the people’s voice ensures high-quality lifestyle products
– both in terms of shape, function, taste, strength, and expression.

§4 Transparency

Transparency and openness in our organization, history, communication, and product selection are critical. The people are our most crucial parliamentary basis and must always feel seen and heard. We want a dynamic, informal ministry with a young, quality conscious and foresighted culture. We are always on target – and we always answer questions.

§5 Versatility

Respect for diversity, spaciousness, and tolerance is vital in both our external and internal work. All variations of age, sex, skin color and sexuality are welcome. At the end of the day, we have all worked for the same cause – the freedom to choose.

§6 Creativity

A flat political structure enables and encourages a high degree of creativity and innovation. The Ministry’s high degree of professionalism in combination with the people’s creativity sets the agenda for our actions and initiatives. We want to go other ways – to do the traditional unconventional, do the classic new and look at the world as being full of possibilities.

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