Driven by the people’s opinion, professional curiosity and pride in tradition we create modern lifestyle products for the free and conscious consumer.

Vision 2025

Our core principles and key issues form the launch pad from which we intend to future-proof your tobacco products and clear the path for free choice.

People's mandate

To ensure a democratic foundation for our existence, we have formed an expert panel consisting of the people. You chart the course for all our endeavours.
An ambitious young team with an uncompromising attitude to quality.

Our agenda is simple - we fight for a future where free choice is preserved!

Democratic platform

Based on the finest professionalism, sincere appreciation of quality and product-based cultural heritage, we create snus and chewing tobacco that lend extra experiences, authenticity and flavour to your life.

Voice of
the people

We fight for freedom of choice for the people. All our initiatives and moves are based on the people’s voice. To this end, we have established an expert panel consisting of adult, conscious people like you and me. People with a wish for and courage to live their lives to the fullest. They are the seal of approval for our success in future-proofing your way of life and your lifestyle products.

An unyielding cooperation between the ministry and the people is a precondition for success. The people are our most important parliamentary basis and they should always feel appreciated and heard.

One ministry for all -
with depth and respect for diversity
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Terms and conditions

At Ministry of Snus we have the policy, that persons under the age of 18 cannot enter the website. By giving false information to enter this website you might commit a violation of law.