Curiosity and passion is what drives us

Expert knowledge and cultural heritage empower us

Experience is our foundation and the people our strength. Our agenda is simple - we fight for a future that preserves free choice! We are peoples´ mandate.
“Our expert panel is our seal of approval. The panel is made up of people just like you and me. Your taste and opinions chart the course for all our product initiatives and moves.”

Rune Madsen
Minister of Communications


At Ministry of Snus, we create authentic, flavourful solutions for the people. We want to future-proof your tobacco. It is essential, it is simple – no excess fluff and fancy frills.

Innovation and quality are the twin pillars of our platform, and snus and chewing tobacco an integral part of the ministry’s DNA. When developing, adapting and adjusting your favourite products, we never waver from our uncompromising attitude to unsurpassed quality and unique flavours.


Our ministry is founded on professional craftsmanship handed down for 4 generations. Our professional cultural heritage and basic values date back to 1826. For more than a century, we have looked after your interests and produced tobacco products for the fussy consumer.

Your tastes and attitudes have been combined with classic virtues and original craftsmanship – and from there developed into the products we offer up to an international band of free, conscious users.


At the very beginning we put together a panel of experts. To keep us sharp we needed someone to question our descicions, our way of doing things and to help us set the right direction for the future.

We invite the panel to our headquarters on a regular basis. The agenda is always how to imporove products, test new ideas and get the newest intels from their everyday life. We take the diversity and various opinions into consideration, and there is a direct link from the expert panel to the products we produce.

Core Principles

§1 People’s Voice

§2 One ministry for all

§3 Quality

§4 Transparency

§5 Versatility

§6 Creativity


Ministry of Snus 100% recycable

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