01 — Strength

Strength is a crusial area in developing the RITE product range. All products are rated at 4 out of 5 on our strength scale, based on a high nicotine content.

02 — Quality

With a world wide network of suppliers, we choose freely and select ingredients matching our level of ambition. We have done so in 4 generations -and thats quite unique.

03 — Simplicity

We strive to create products without excess. Our focus lies within the can, but we always develop with design in mind - it is as simple as that.

RITE now

We are here for you. Everything you see and experience here has but one purpose.
To make your day better. RITE now.

Life is too short for bad flavour. Life is too short for tacky style. Life is too short for excess details.

We made it with you in mind. The uncompromising quality. The original craft. The best ingredients. The maximum strength.

A strong network

We’ve brought in flavours from our world wide network, and put together a range of products - all reimagined top-down and bottom-up. We made it simple, just like we prefer.

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