Customize your unique product in 6 steps

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Customize your unique product in 6 steps

Adjust Product

Choose your favourite type of product. Combine flavour with your preferred pouch size.

Design your can

Select colours, text, patterns and shapes or upload your own image/artwork.

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We produce and ship your unique product, just for you, within 5-7 work days.

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We always strive to include the people’s voice in our products. But now we are taking it one step further! With the new customizing solution, you control both the content and exterior of your snus, chew and nicotine products, so that each is made uniquely to suit your life. All you need to do is complete a few simple steps, and we guide you all the way.


Try the fun and easy tool, to see what your personal can would look like.
The tool will provide you with the freedom to design a can to your likings, and we will as always make sure you receive a product with a high Ministry quality!
Order your own unique stash today!

Only 7.37 €

Start Customizing
Content Choose between Superwhite nicotine pouches or White portions. We offer a range of different predefined flavours and sizes for both product types.
Exterior Design the exterior to suit your style! The tool offers a wide range of colours, patterns and shapes, but you can also upload your own image or artwork.
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